Saturday, 2 Mar 2024

LEC Spring Finals moved from Budapest to LEC Studio due to coronavirus concerns

The location of the LEC Spring Finals has been changed due to ongoing concerns regarding the coronavirus. 

Riot Games revealed earlier today that it will hold the event in a much more controlled and smaller environment to ensure the safety of those involved. The finals of 2020 LEC Spring Split will be held in the LEC Studio in Berlin rather than the original location, Budapest. 

Although Riot is closely monitoring the situation, it plans to host a live audience in Berlin. But this decision could be overturned if there are growing concerns surrounding the safety of the audience. 

“After carefully assessing the situation, we believe that holding the event in a smaller setting and a more controlled environment is the right call,” Riot said. “While we currently plan to host a live audience in the Berlin studio, we will continue to monitor the situation and work with local health officials to ensure the safety of players and fans, and will revisit this decision if necessary.”

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