Saturday, 2 Mar 2024

LCS Spring Season is not done: It's tiebreakers time!

The LCS Spring Season will have one extra day of play, as six teams are tangled in tiebreakers to decide the final standings of league play.

Nine weeks of play were not enough to decide the six teams to make the LCS Spring Playoffs and the final seed is still to be given away. Dignitas, Golden Guardians, and Immortals are in contention for it. Being 3-1 against the other two teams, Golden Guardians earn a bye in the first round of tiebreakers and will wait for the winner between Immortals and Dignitas. The victor of that match will get the final sixth seed into playoffs.

This is already a win for Golden Guardians, who spent the majority of the season as one of the worst teams in LCS. Winning just enough games to get to an 8-10 score, however, keeps the Guardians in playoffs contention, and even one step closer than their rivals.

There’s another three-way tie-breaker, but this time it’s for places 2-4th. 100 Thieves, Evil Geniuses, and FlyQuest are all 10-8 and will have to play their own mini bracket. 100 Thieves will play FlyQuest in the first round and winner goes to play Evil Geniuses.

LCS Spring Split tiebreakers

  • DIG vs. IMT — Loser eliminated in 8th place. Winner plays Golden Guardians
  • GG vs. DIG/IMT — Loser eliminated in 7th place. Winner qualifies for playoffs in 6th place
  • 100 vs. FLY — Loser takes 4th place. Winner plays EG
  • EG vs. 100/FLY — Loser takes 3rd place. Winner takes 2nd place.

The tiebreakers will be played Monday, March 30, starting 12:00 PST.

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