Sunday, 10 Dec 2023

It took “a little over a year” and “some pretty big gameplay changes” to create Revenant, Apex Legends design director Jason McCord says

Apex Legends’ fourth season kicked off with a killer simulacrum on the loose, enacting revenge on the devious robotics company that created him. People died, files were hacked, and factories were broken into all in an effort to create a suspenseful and thrilling start to Assimilation.

But to create a legend with what Respawn design director Jason McCord called a “unique personality” and “interesting story,” it took the team over a year.

Revenant’s creation began with just an idea. Designer Griffin Dean pitched the legend as a “Synthetic Shinobi” around the same time that Apex first launched in February of last year, according to McCord. This eventually led to a ninja-like design for the simulacrum, complete with a hood that wraps around the neck, as well as wide, spiked shoulders.

And the new legend’s development followed a similar process to every other character that the team has created. A designer tries to invigorate the Apex meta by creating a new playstyle. Then the writers, animators, and artists jump in to give the legend a backstory, personality, and style.

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