Sunday, 10 Dec 2023

Invictus Gaming take down LGD Gaming to continue win streak in 2020 LPL Spring Split

The LPL never disappoints. The 14th-place team, LGD Gaming, managed to pick up a game today against the former world champions, Invictus Gaming, who are at the top of the standings. IG responded with a substitution for the third game and ended the series with a 2-1 score, which was far from clean.

Mid laner Rookie was a vital part of IG’s win condition in the first game. He had a ludicrous performance on Lucian and ended the game with 13 kills, while the entire LGD squad only had 12. 

In the second game, the tides were turned. Rookie was dominated on Rumble and couldn’t replicate his success from the first game after a target Lucian ban by LGD in the first draft phase. 

While Rookie redeemed himself in the third game on Orianna, the MVP award went to his top laner, TheShy, who had a great game on Sett. While he wasn’t as dominant as Rookie’s Lucian in their first win, he was a solid frontline for his team, which allowed the carries to excel and deal damage unharmed.

The early game was quite rough for IG’s solo laners in the first game. After overextending in both the top and mid lane, TheShy and Rookie both managed to die in a matter of 20 seconds. While Rookie’s death was quite unfortunate since he didn’t manage to kill the opposing mid laner, TheShy killed Maokai, diminishing the experience and gold lost from the minion wave.

The game was even for the most part. But after an explosive fight around Baron, IG managed to come out ahead by wiping the enemy team with only one player dying on their side. With the Baron buff, they were able to lay siege to the base of LGD and end the game.

The third game began with an early gank by LGD’s jungler on Olaf, who managed to successfully kill Rookie and set him behind. IG’s mid laner didn’t learn from the first game, though, and kept overextending without his jungler nearby to cover in case of a gank.

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