Sunday, 3 Mar 2024

Huge community donations take WeSave! Charity Play beyond two stretch goals

WeSave! Charity Play has been keeping us busy through the
weekend with some epic Dota 2 action and still continues, with two of the first
stretch goals now reached that will give us more action in the coming days.

Starting with a $120,000 prize pool, WeSave! Charity Play
added a few stretch goals into the mix that would aid the event in raising more
money towards COVID-19 research. The first of these goals, which came about at $150,000,
would see an extra series between the winners of the European and CIS regions.
At time of writing, it is unsure who this series will be between or when it
will occur, but we are sure that WePlay! will announce this at a later time.

The second stretch goal that was reached was seen at
$160,000 – which would see a North American 3v3 All-Star match. Once again,
much like the previous goal, no date has yet been confirmed for this addition
to the WeSave! Charity Play event, but we will bring you that information as soon
as it becomes available.

WeSave! Charity Play currently continues with Team Nigma and
Team Secret fighting in the current series and the next stretch goal being
under $10,000 away – which would see the grand finals of EU and CIS , which begin
from tomorrow, changing to best-of-five series. WePlay! possibly also have
other goals for moving beyond this in the upcoming days, but these are
currently unconfirmed but considering the support which has been seen from the
Dota 2 community, it is likely that they could be met with ease.

As the WeSave! Charity Play event continues, we are excited to see how much they can make to aid the COVID-19 fight – especially after there have been some massive donations of $10,000 and above, plus many others from across the Dota 2 community.

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