Saturday, 10 Jun 2023

How long will the Valorant closed beta last for? Riot Games answers

The community finally got its first taste of Riot Games’ new FPS title Valorant thanks to a plethora of early access content. Twitch streamers and esports professionals from all over showed off gameplay and the pre-recorded Twitch Rivals event. While this was exciting in and of itself, the big attraction was the closed beta access. The Valorant beta begins on April 7, but as of right now, we don’t have an end date. However, a Riot Games developer has vaguely stated how long the beta will last.

Valorant’s closed beta length

The beta within Valorant works rather differently than other betas we’ve seen in the past. Instead of giving all players access or having some kind of prerequisite, Riot Games is offering admittance based on luck. By watching select Twitch streams, you may receive a drop that earns you beta access.

Obviously, this is a tad controversial because of how many players want to experience Valorant. However, this will likely ensure the servers aren’t overloaded when the beta does go live next week. Also, a Riot Games developer has stated that it will last for “a while”, which likely means any player who wants access will get it at some point.

Image via @ValorantPRO on Twitter.

Arkem, or Paul Chamberlain, is a programmer at Riot Games working on Valorant. This screenshot was taken from a Discord server by a fan account on Twitter, so we can’t necessarily take it as fact. However, we have no reason to believe the screenshot is fake.

If this information about the closed beta is true, then this presumably means Valorant will be live for at least a few weeks to over a month. Typically, multiplayer betas last for around two weeks, so Valorant‘s should extend far past that timeframe.

Also, as previously stated, if the beta does last for a while, then it’s hard to imagine a player who wants access not receiving it. Riot has confirmed there will be multiple ways to earn access starting on April 7. But for now, the best way is to keep watching Twitch streams when the beta goes live.

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