Saturday, 25 Jun 2022

GoDz confirms that the Americas will see more Dota 2 action

Although we have an increase in regional tournaments for the
European and CIS regions, North and South American Dota 2 seems to have been
almost forgotten and there have been some major pleas from the region for Valve
to help.

We may not have a Dota 2 Pro Circuit or The International
this year, but we have seen a large number of regional tournaments pop up since
March of this year – mainly for the EU, CIS and Southeast Asia regions.
However, the North and South American regions have almost entirely been
forgotten, with barely any events with significant prize pools and this has now
been brought to the attention of everyone with the Havan Liberty coach making a
post on Twitter about the situation.

The post has since made its way to Reddit, and attracted the
interest of David “GoDz” Parker, who gave some insight on the situation on both
Reddit and Twitter.

On Reddit, GoDz explained that there are tournaments planned
for the rest of the year; particularly DS 13 and Pro Series 4, according to his
reply. However, at the current time, none of these events are confirmed or
shared to teams as they await to hear back from Valve for financial support.

We have 2 events we’ve already planned for the rest of 2020 (DS13 & Pro Series 4), the reason none of these events are confirmed or shared to teams is because we are waiting to hear back from Valve about their financial support for events.

Until then it’s quite hard to move ahead, since if some new event plops up on our dates then it’s kinda hard to run our tournaments anymore. Hopefully we’ll have an idea in the next week or so what the calendar looks like, but NA/SA teams can except there to be ~4 events over the rest of the year from what I know of other TO plans as well.”

While there is a strong prevalence of top teams in both the NA and SA region, it seems that without a DPC or TI, the regions have almost been forgotten – but hard work from the tournament organisations within the regions is moving forward to change that. All we can hope to see is that Valve get on board and give aid to the Americas as the COVID-19 crisis continues to create problems on a global level for Dota 2.

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