Sunday, 3 Mar 2024

Gen.G, FURIA, Bad News Bears, & Cloud9 earn a spot at Americas Minor

The first four teams to qualify for the Americas Minor are set with Gen.G, FURIA, Bad News Bears, and Cloud9 earning a spot on day one of the Closed Qualifier.

FURIA managed to grab their spot first after defeating Triumph in a 2-0 series with 16-14 and 16-11 wins, the former including a massive comeback from down 4-11. In their second series, the decider, they took on the new Envy lineup which they defeated 16-7 and 16-11 on Mirage and Nuke respectively.

Bad News Bears opened up against Rugratz who they also had to manage a comeback against in the first map before finding an easier path in the second including a 15-0 start on the CT side. This paired them up against Ze Pug Godz where they were once again able to sweep their opposition to earn their spot at the Americas Minor.

Cloud9 defeated the Canadian side of LiViD to kick-off their Closed Qualifier run. The North American team won 16-5 and 16-11 to move into the decider. Here they would be pinned against Mythic, a team that had been surprising many with their success. That success wouldn’t help them here, however, as Cloud9 managed to close things out 2-0 with a 16-14 win on Vertigo followed by a 16-10 on Inferno.

Gen.G had an easy run through their matches, going 4-0 in maps and never giving up more than 7 rounds on a map. The team took down Divine 16-4 and 16-7 before sweeping Orgless with two 16-7 wins to secure their Americas Minor spot.

The remaining spots will be decided today.

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