Monday, 4 Mar 2024

Facebook to Start Accepting Collaboration & Productivity Apps on Oculus Quest – Road to VR

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For many, remote work may be a new long-term reality. In that spirit, Facebook today announced that it will be introducing more collaboration and productivity apps to the Oculus Store for Quest soon.

The first productivity apps are said to land on the Oculus Store later this year, including Immersed and Spatial as the company’s flagship examples of full-featured social/collaborative apps specifically targeted at enterprise users.

Immersed is coming to the Oculus Store on Quest this summer, the company says. The app, which emphasizes both solo and collaborative work over standalone VR headsets and PC/Linux/mac, has been available on Oculus Quest since June 2019. The company says more XR platforms are coming soon.

Spatial also offers a real-time collaborative space, however it’s approached the task from the AR side of things first, notably supporting HoloLens (1 and 2) and Magic Leap 1. It also supports web browsers and Oculus Quest, the latter of which is on a request-only basis. Spatial is said to arrive on the Oculus Store “in the coming months.”

It’s clear the company is taking a first big step in bringing these first two apps closer into the fold by pitching them to businesses alongside Oculus for Business, a program targeted at enterprise customers and developers looking to manage VR deployments and create in-headset experiences.

“Apps like these let people experiment with VR productivity solutions on their own—and for companies ready to scale larger, there’s still Oculus for Business to help you get there,” a Facebook spokesperson says.

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