Saturday, 2 Mar 2024

Evil Geniuses are the WeSave! Charity Play NA champions

Despite playing with two stand-ins, Evil Geniuses ran through the NA bracket at WeSave! Charity Play to claim the region title. In the last series of the competition, they took down 3-1 CR4ZY with dominant performances from Artour “Arteezy” Babaev.

Sporting an Alchemist, Arteezy closed game one at the top of the charts with double the networth of CR4ZY’s most farmed hero, while EG’s stand in mid-lanner Eric “Ryoya” Dong crushed the adversaries with Void Spirit. CRA4ZY had a much better start in game two, with Maurice “KheZu” Gutmann playing a safe lance Centaur Warrunner that was able to control Sam “BuLba” Sosale’s Slardar. However, EG’s coach got immediate help from his team and quickly recovered and became the instrumental factor in EG’s victory. Led 2-0, CR4ZY secured the Huskar-Oracle powerful duo to land their first victory in the best-of-five NA finals, but headed into the fourth game of the series Oracle got banned. Determined to not let CR4ZY push the finals in a decisive game, EG brought back Artour’s Alchemist and let Ryoya choose Void Spirit for the third time. CR4ZT tried to match the fast pace tempo imposed by EG’s draft with Ember Spirit, Nature’s Prophet and Juggernaut, but while they were able to win a few skirmishes, they couldn’t survive the big team fights and had to bow out.

Evil Geniuses vs CR4ZY highlights by WePlay!Esports

The NA bracket might be over, but six players from the region will return on the last day of the tournament for a 3vs3 All-Star Match. Fans can vote for which players they want to see in the NA All-Star match by simply placing a comment on WePlay! Esports Twitter post.

NA players to vote for:

  • Evil Geniuses: Arteezy, Ryoya, BuLba, Cr1t-, Fly
  • Cloud9: EternaLEnVy, Ace, Sneyking, MISERY, Pieliedie
  • CR4ZY: skiter, Bryle, KheZu, MoonMeander, Aui_2000
  • Business Associates: Moo, Nine, Brax, MoOz, Fear


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