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Destiny 2's The Lie Quest Mission Bugged, Fix For The Tryant Mission Coming Wednesday [Updated]

Update: Bungie has a fix for “The Lie,” and it’s on the way. On Twitter, the developer said it will deploy Hotfix on May 20 to fix the bug blocking players from completing “The Tyrant,” the last step in the quest. The patch will come as part of background maintenance, so it shouldn’t result in any downtime. We’ll update this post when the patch is deployed and is proven to work correctly.

Original story:

After a week of players working together to complete the first step of Destiny 2’s latest story quest, “The Lie,” it appears many won’t be able to finish it. The last step of the quest is bugged, failing to trigger a mission called “The Tyrant” that players have to go through to get their reward. Bungie says it has identified the problem and is working to fix it, but we don’t know how long that might take.

Bungie confirmed the issue Sunday night on Twitter. After completing the other steps of the quest, The Lie directs you to Rasputin’s bunker on the Moon to activate a mission called “The Tyrant.” For many, starting the quest respawns you not at its start, but near bounty vendor Eris Morn at the Moon’s main landing zone. When that happens, there’s no way to advance; you just have to quit the activity and try to load it again. We tried to run the quest ourselves roughly 10 times, to no avail.

At first, some players thought Bungie had released a new secret puzzle into the game, similar to Destiny 2’s Corridors of Time puzzle last season, and started a Reddit thread compiling information about it. Since the mission seemingly isn’t loading correctly for anyone right now, it’s not clear yet if there might be more to The Tyrant than just another mission.

On Monday, Bungie said it had identified the problem with The Lie and The Tyrant, which is the first step in issuing a fix for the quest. We still don’t know exactly when bug in The Tyrant might be squashed, but Bungie said it’ll release more details once it develops a plan to fix the mission.

The developer deployed a hotfix for the game with the weekly reset on May 19, but despite the timing, the patch didn’t have anything to do with The Lie or The Tyrant.

That’s frustrating because according to datamining, completing the quest will reward players with Felwinter’s Lie, a legendary shotgun that returns from Destiny 1. The Lie also introduces new story elements about Rasputin, the giant AI character at the center of the current content season. The Lie might not be quite the Rasputin revelation we’d hoped for (at least so far), but it is seemingly linking elements from Destiny 1 to the current story.

Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait to find out exactly what “The Lie” is all about. We’ll update this story as Bungie provides more details.

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