Wednesday, 1 Dec 2021

Cyberpunk Slash-Fest Ghostrunner Prepares For Private Beta, And You Can Register Now

The slick cyberpunk action game Ghostrunner is due to hit PS4, Xbox One, and PC later this year, and a new trailer has been released in time for the virtual Gamescom celebration. If you’re looking to get your hands on the game prior to launch, beta registration has opened up, as well.

In the 30-second trailer released for Gamescom, we see Ghostrunner’s lightning-fast action and combat on full display. Characters are killed with just one hit, making every battle a test of precision and reflexes. You’re capable of dodging bullets, as well, and your impressive parkour moves keep everything moving at a rapid pace.

All of these moves need to be used fully in order to climb the game’s Dharma Tower, which is “humanity’s last shelter” following an apocalyptic event. In classic cyberpunk fashion, a powerful baddie holding all the cards awaits you. It looks like an extremely fast and fluid take on Dishonored, replacing the supernatural powers for high-tech weapons and style.

In order to register for the Ghostrunner private beta, you must fill out this form and join the game’s official Discord server. The beta is taking place in the middle of September and requires you to be at least 18 years old. While the game is coming to consoles at launch later this year, the beta will only be available on Steam.

Ghostrunner is developed by several studios, including veterans 3D Realms as well as One More Level and All in! Games. More details on the game will be available on September 15.

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