Thursday, 28 Sep 2023

CS:GO update fixes stutters for NVIDIA users

Valve has released an update targeting the recent surge of issues regarding stuttering the company has revealed.

After an initial beta depot update was released “for NVIDIA users to address recent stuttering” which required users to download the “nvidia_stutter_fix -” beta client to test, it seems that 15 hours later it went live for all.

This means players will no longer have to opt into the beta depot to get the fix and can simply update their game to play stutter-free (hopefully).

This issue had drawn a lot of complaints across the scene in recent weeks with stutters making some situations nearly unplayable and it seemingly being the worst near the start of matches.

John Mcdonald, one of CS:GO’s developers, stated that “We are very confident that this addresses the stuttering behavior that NVIDIA users have been experiencing,” in a post to Reddit. “They have been experiencing stutters up to 100 ms in some instances, which makes the game feel terrible.”

“The problem is that we have all been working from home for the last month, and it turns out we don’t have a particularly wide variety of hardware in our home machines so we wanted to make sure that we didn’t break people on some of the hardware we don’t currently have access to,” he explained.

NVIDIA users should now be able to jump in the game stutter free (or at least not have these ones!).

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