Sunday, 28 Feb 2021

Betway Announces a Squad of Brazilian Esports Influencers

Betway announced a squad of five Brazilian esports content creators who will be featured on Betway TV. Gustavo “Baiano” Gomes, Sérvulo “Shevii2k” Júnior, Daniel “Daniels” Marcon, Eidi “esA” Yanagimachi, and Bruno “aXt” Habitzreuter will deliver exclusive content for Betway including giveaways, watch parties, and multi-game coverage.

The “Betway Squad” is formed mainly by prominent League of Legends (LoL) personalities in the Brazilian scene, including former pro players and known content creators, to expand the betting company’s brand presence in the country. It is currently mainly known by the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) audience due to the long-term sponsorship to MIBR.

Betway, therefore, expands its presence into an area that is mostly hostile to this kind of company, as Riot Games keeps a policy of not allowing betting promotion by players involved in its competitive environment. Recently, the academy player for INTZ Leonardo “Gragolandia” Brito got a 10-game suspension for participating in a Betway-sponsored live stream on Twitch with Gomes, in which he commented on what he thought the audience should bet on.

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