Sunday, 10 Dec 2023

Animal Crossing: New Horizons' NookLink Smartphone App Is Live

Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ companion service, NookLink, has gone live for smartphone users. NookLink is accessible through the Nintendo Switch Online smartphone app, which you can download from Google Play or the App Store if you have a Nintendo Switch Online subscription.

The service offers a handful of helpful features. Among other things, you can use it to scan QR codes of custom patterns made in New Leaf or Happy Home Designer and bring those patterns into New Horizons. NookLink also lets you voice and text chat with other players while you’re playing online. You can set up NookLink from the Settings menu on New Horizons’ title screen.

As previously mentioned, NookLink is only accessible if you have a Switch Online subscription. Individual memberships cost $4 for one month, $8 for three months, and $20 for a year. Nintendo also offers an annual Family Plan that costs $35 and covers up to eight Nintendo Account holders across multiple systems.

The critical consensus around Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been very positive. In GameSpot’s New Horizons review-in-progress, Kallie Plagge wrote, “So far, I’ve played Animal Crossing: New Horizons for 80 hours over 17 days, and that anticipation hasn’t yet gone away. While I’ve spent a lot of time developing my island so far, I still feel as if there’s plenty left for me to do and see–there’s a lot in New Horizons to occupy your time with.”

If you’re just setting off on your deserted island adventure, we’ve put together a variety of guides to help get you started, including what you should do on your first day and how to get Isabelle to your island. We’ve also shared some tips on how to unlock the Able Sisters clothing shop and how to build Nook’s Cranny and the museum.

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