Monday, 4 Mar 2024

Ana to stand in for TNC Predator at WeSave! Charity Play

Two times The International Champion Anathan “ana” Pham gets off cooldown after six months of crushing pubs and jumps in to help TNC Predator in their opening series today, March 22 at WeSave! Charity Play.

Day 3 of the online charity tournament organized by WePlay! Esports will start with a must watch series. It might be the first and last time fans will get to see Ana playing in an official match this competitive season. Ana will stand in for Kim “Gabbi” Villafuerte, who has ISP issues and isn’t able to join his team for their series against Adroit.

TNC Predator vs Team Adroit is set to open the third day of WeSave! Charity Play, starting at 13:00 CET/20:00 SGT/ 05:00 PDT and will mark Ana’s first competitive match in 2020 and the first time he will be playing since September 2019, when he fought alongside his back to back TI champions teammates at Midas Mode 2.0. Back then, he played with over 500 latency, as OG were fighting in the European competition while he was playing from Australia. Hopefully, the ping will be more merciful with Ana today, given that he is joining TNC Predator on SEA Servers.

WeSave! Charity Play is an online 24 teams tournament set to “combat the spread of COVID-19, the esports way.” Each of the six major regions, Europe, CIS, North and South America, Southeast Asia and China have four teams playing for a 20,000 prize pool which raises the tournament prize pool to a total of $120,000. However, all donations will go to CEPI and GlobalGiving to aid the efforts for COVID-19 vaccine development and for providing hospitals with masks, ventilators, and other lifesaving medical supplies.

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Those who want and can help the raising funds campaign can do so via WePlay! donation page or with Twitch Bits via the official WePlay! English, Ukrainian and Russian and broadcast.

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