Monday, 26 Feb 2024

All Fortnite v12.20 leaked skins, cosmetics, and 'Choppa' release

Epic Games’ Fortnite is receiving update 12.20 soon. Tons of new cosmetics have made their way into the battle royale, including a new vehicle.

Get to the Choppa!

Lay waste to Slaty Springs with the helicopter, named the ‘Choppa’ and requiring players to obviously enunciate it in your best Arnold Schwarzenegger impression. It carries up to four other squadmates in your team’s bid for air domination.

Leaked skins

Get juiced with even more members joining the Slurp family, including a much more adorable Leviathan variant stuck in its space suit.

The Slurps aren’t the only reactive skins this update. Tailor will gain “unique fight patterns” as you play the game, such as when you eliminate opponents or deal damage.

In keeping with the chapter’s Top Secret theme, several of the new skins like Envoy, Crimson Elite, and Scarlet Commander that wouldn’t look out of place in a spy movie.

Leaked cosmetics

Can’t get enough of Deadpool? Now, you’ll be able to wrap your favorite weapons and vehicles in the signature black and red style of the foul-mouthed mercenary. Be careful if it starts talking back at you though.

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