Friday, 15 Jan 2021


Track Your Calories in More SteamVR Games With YUR’s Fitness App

One of the surprise benefits of virtual reality (VR) gaming is its ability to get players moving, burning calories and therefore help make them get a little healthier in the process. There are titles which are tailor-made for helping gamers keep track of those calories like BoxVR but what about the videogames which don’t. That’s where YUR […]

Tonies Toniebox Review: Child-friendly fun at a high price

These German-invented clever bits of tech are aimed at children and built for use by young kids, while still being controlled overall by their parents. The premise is simple – a robust, appealing soft-padded speaker that combines with stick-on characters to tell audio stories at bedtime. It’s ideal for hardworking parents who are still at […]

How did Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order get so unusual?

When Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order finally fell into our hands, nobody expected to play a lightsaber-Crash Bandicoot-Tomb Raider-style game, but here we are. Jedi: Fallen Order is an intriguing tincture of genres, borrowing from a number of influences. But how did it get there? I thought it might be fun to try to reverse-engineer […]

Inside The Story Of Overwatch 2 With Lead Writer Michael Chu

In another video interview from our month of Blizzard coverage, Overwatch Lead Writer Michael Chu joins us to explain the setting of Overwatch 2’s story experience and the philosophy of the writing team as they head into untested waters with fan-favorite characters. Enjoy the quick video above, and be sure to click the banner below to check […]