Sunday, 16 May 2021


The VR Game Launch Roundup: Surgical Bubble Extermination

Looking at the week ahead there’s a varied selection of indie virtual reality (VR) titles on their way, from monstrous shooters to tactical, asymmetrical co-op adventures. While more may appear out the blue, here are five videogames who’ve confirmed their release dates. VAR: Exterminate – VAR LIVE International A frantic zombie wave shooter coming to […]

If We Want To Talk About Diversity In Gaming, We Need To Be Intersectional

Diversity in gaming is a contentious issue. Most people would agree that our industry could do with being more diverse at every level, but those who disagree tend to do so viciously and vehemently. While this bunch tends to be a (very) vocal minority, their toxicity invades every discussion, and makes it difficult to get […]

Five Years After Launch, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Is Still The Series’ Best

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End celebrates its fifth birthday this week, and even with the power of hindsight I still feel like it’s one of Naughty Dog’s greatest achievements. Several years later, it remains a visual benchmark for games of its ilk, presenting a sprawling world to explore alongside a narrative that was leaps and […]

Yakuza’s Best Character Is And Always Will Be Kamurocho

Lost Judgment is coming our way in September, which is way sooner than I expected the sequel to land on our shores – Sega is aiming for a global release for the first time in franchise history. It’s a testament to the excellent work of Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio and its willingness to adapt existing […]

Fortnite Crew Really Isn’t Worth The Money

Fortnite might be a free-to-play battle royale experience, but like many similar titles, an investment is required to really make the most of things. You can become the best player in the world without spending a penny, but you won’t look very good doing it. Putting pennies down is required to earn all of the […]

Samara’s Romance Is Secretly Mass Effect’s Best

The Mass Effect squadmates can be arranged in a variety of ways. Which ones are biotic? Which ones are trained soldiers? Which ones could rip me apart in a single instant? Interestingly enough, ‘Miranda’ would be a suitable answer to all three. She’d also be a suitable answer to probably the most important question – […]

Why You Should Watch Ocean Waves, Studio Ghibli’s Queer Sleeper Hit

I didn’t grow up with Studio Ghibli as many people did. The first Ghibli film I watched was during a screening as part of my film degree, so I had to hit it with quite an analytical mind. All this is to say, while I appreciate the childlike wonder and fantasy many Ghibli films exude, that’s […]