Friday, 20 May 2022


MultiVersus Preview – Warner Bros' Brawler Is Delightful, But Needs Impact – Game Informer

Player First Games is well on its way to releasing its fighting game MultiVersus, a new multiplayer platform brawler that pits the extensive list of characters from the Warner Bros. catalog against one another in chaotic button-mashing battles. It’s easy to compare MultiVersus to other fighting games in the genre, like Nintendo’s juggernaut Super Smash Bros., but […]

OlliOlli World is a thrilling and speedy PS5 and Xbox cartoon skateboard game

It has been a while since we’ve seen a new skateboarding game and this one’s a cracker. OlliOlli World feels like Sonic x100 as you take to the cutesy cartoon world of Radlandia to become the ultimate skater dude. The sheer speed as you progress through the trials and courses takes your breath away and […]

Aloy Is Getting An Adorable Nendoroid Figure

Aloy is the star of Horizon Forbidden West – one of the best games of this year – and will soon shrink in size to forever be preserved as an adorable Nendoroid action figure. Slated to release this December, this figure comes with three face plates, allowing you to harness a little more realism, depending […]

Saints Row’s Gen Z reboot won’t skimp on the mayhem, studio vows

If you’re headed into Saints Row when the rebooted, open-world criminal escapade launches in August, pack a proverbial lunch; it looks like a lot. The developers at Deep Silver Volition are aware of this. “In terms of the amount of it, you said it, you can be a victim of so much,” creative director Brian […]

Watch Jennifer Walters Get Angry In The First She-Hulk Trailer

Disney has unveiled the first trailer for She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, the upcoming Marvel series that premieres on Disney+ this August. Jennifer Walters (Tatiana Maslany) is a lawyer juggling an increasingly chaotic life, including working for a newly launched superhuman law division. Her cousin also happens to be Bruce Banner, AKA the Hulk. Walters gains […]

Salt and Sacrifice Review – Consumed By Frustration – Game Informer

The sting of another death fades as I attempt to shake off my nerves. I’m preparing to clash with a Sanguimancer I’ve tried to slay a dozen times. Maybe I’ll learn something new as I dash back into the fray, though I’ve been down this path many times on prior hunts, and I know I’m […]

Lego Optimus Prime Can Transform And Looks To Be One Of The Coolest Sets Yet

Following yesterday’s tease that an Optimus Prime Lego set was in development and slated to release this June, Lego has given us all of the details we need, and it looks to be one of the coolest sets yet. Inspired by Optimus Prime’s G1 cartoon roots, this set consists of 1,508 pieces and retails for […]

Optimus Prime Is Getting A Lego Set And It Launches Next Month

Lego is great at keeping secrets. The latest surprise for Lego is sets based on the Transformers license, and it’s happening soon. Next month, we can run off to our favorite Lego supplier to grab an Optimus Prime Lego set. We don’t know what it looks like yet, how many pieces are in the box, […]

Stone Cold Steve Austin Stuns Us With A Zelda Reference

It’s always fun when our interests collide in fun and strange ways. One of my favorite things to watch almost any night of the week is pro wrestling. I’ve been a big fan of Stone Cold Steve Austin since he broke out as a mega-star in the 90’s, and since I  know him as a real […]