Tuesday, 29 Sep 2020


League Of Legends: The Top 20 Players At The 2020 World Championship

The greatest players in the history of League of Legends cement their legacy at the World Championship. Faker, Mata, Ambition, and Rookie all etched their names in the pantheon of esports on this stage. Every year, players from around the world hope to reach the top of the mountain and throw their names in with […]

Art of Rally’s love for the sport, and its greatest days, shines through

Rally racers trend toward the so-called sim racing subgenre, which can limit or intimidate a wider audience of racing-inclined gamers. Not so with Funselektor Labs’ Art of Rally, where a dedicated driver like me feels just as much at home as anyone with a gamepad in their hands. And Art of Rally does not skimp […]

Amazon Luna Already Has A Huge Advantage Over Stadia

Amazon just unveiled its brand new cloud gaming platform, Amazon Luna, and it already sounds like a better deal than Google Stadia. In a world where console gaming still dominates, cloud-based platforms are going to need to be both convenient and more affordable to succeed, and that’s exactly what Amazon Luna is shooting for. Luna’s […]

Going Under Review: Not Quite Worth The Investment

The business world is about as cutthroat as it gets. Going Under imagines a reality where it gets even more cutthroat by having its employees literally cut throats. It places the player in the unenviable position of an unpaid intern forced to fight to the death for the opportunity to receive a weekly paycheck and […]

The new version of HeroQuest is a faithful remake of the classic board game

HeroQuest, the classic tabletop board game, is being relaunched. On Tuesday, toy and game publisher Hasbro started a crowdfunding campaign with the goal of raising $1 million in pre-order sales. Polygon has an exclusive first look at the lavish remake, plus the first details on exactly what’s inside the box. Fans will be able to […]

Pre-Order Hasbro's New Star Wars Collectibles Now

Today, Lucasfilm and Disney announced Mando Mondays, an event that debuts upcoming products inspired by The Mandalorian. The event kicks off on October 26. In line with the announcement, Hasbro has revealed some new figurines for its Black Series Credit Collection. Fans can pre-order popular characters from The Mandalorian show, like Cara Dune and the illustrious bounty hunter himself, right now through various […]

Design Deep Dive: Creating Ikro, The Ice Conjurer In Remnant: From The Ashes

We sat down with Taylor Denison, the senior technical combat designer at Gunfire Games, to talk about Ikro, the Ice Conjurer. Ikro is one of the coolest (and most challenging) bosses in Subject 2923, the final expansion for Remnant: From The Ashes because of the unique mechanics and high level of strategy required to beat […]

Hades Review – A Game Fit For The Gods

In 490 BC, a messenger named Pheidippides ran from Marathon to Athens to report Greece’s victory over the invading armies of Persia, and was immortalized when a race of approximately the same distance was named in honor of his achievement. But this is not the most taxing or egregious physical exercise to have originated in […]

NBA 2K21 Review – Living Off The Legacy

Just like the star athletes that adorn its cover every year, NBA 2K has created a strong legacy, launching it to the top of this generation’s sports games. The series has maintained solid gameplay while never forgetting about innovation, and I appreciate the risks Visual Concepts takes even when they don’t completely pay off. NBA […]