Wednesday, 24 Feb 2021


Konami is turning Frogger into a game show

Konami is capitalizing on the Frogger brand for a new reality competition series for Peacock, NBC Universal’s streaming service. The classic arcade game will be adapted into the TV show Frogger, described as a “fierce and ridiculously fun competition” in which contestants compete in 12 themed obstacle courses. And yes, that includes dodging “treacherous traffic.” […]

FIFA Is The Ultimate Choose Your Own Adventure Game

Story modes in sports games are terrible. Madden’s feel like something off The CW network, FIFA’s are so dull I just had to look up Alex Hunter’s name, and NBA 2K’s… actually, they’re not bad. However, they are heavily overproduced, loaded with A-list names, and thanks to the game’s interconnected income system, they force you […]

Please Don’t Play The Mass Effect Remasters As A Soldier

The Mass Effect trilogy is defined by player choice. Your decisions in the game make each playthrough unique, whether it’s who you leave on Virmire, what you do with the Geth source code, or who you romance. We Mass Effect fans even identify playthroughs in these terms: this is my Kaidan playthrough, this is my […]

Debunking The Myth That Lara Croft’s Design Was The Result Of A Bug

Stories about iconic bugs become part of a game’s history, told and retold until they become myth. Much like stories in film about enforced method acting or once-in-a-lifetime takes, these errors gradually take on a life of their own that is unique to the medium of games. The legacy of Tomb Raider is no exception. […]

Diablo 2: The First Game That Made Me Wonder About Age Restrictions

Growing up as a gamer in the early ’90s could be considered a worry-free time, without any restrictions. The first gaming system I remember playing was the SNES. It was the stuff childhoods were made of! In the summer, there was nobody to stop me from making a potato of myself via a day’s worth […]

WandaVision’s Latest Twist Just Makes Me More Confused

It should go without saying, but this article contains spoilers for the most recent episode of WandaVision, Breaking the Fourth Wall, which aired today, February 19. It felt a little bit like WandaVision was mocking me this week. I’ve had a few theories about the show, some which have panned out, some which have been […]

All teachers are Twitch streamers now, thanks to the pandemic

Eddie Cheung, like many teachers, didn’t sign up to instruct remotely — but the pandemic happened. As of 2020, an estimated 73% of U.S. school districts are teaching over video, a change that affects 8 million students. While these tech solutions are valuable, educators and students alike are starting to feel burned out on remote […]

Hunter x Hunter’s Nen Is The Best Fantasy Magic System Ever Created

Killua Zoldyck is capable of catching a dart currently in contact with his forehead and continuing to fly with full momentum before it moves enough to puncture his skin. Kurapika has a blade wrapped around his heart that increases the power of the chains he uses to bind members of the Phantom Troupe, but only […]

Today’s New Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Character Is Probably Going To Be A Pokemon

Just two months ago, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate saw Sephiroth join the fight during a shocking reveal at The Game Awards. Now, Smash fans are in for another treat – but how is Masahiro Sakurai going to top the man who uses a full bottle of both shampoo and conditioner every day absolutely skewering Mario? Smash Ultimate roster additions are […]