Thursday, 2 Apr 2020


Why Animal Crossing calms you down, explained

People love to complain about grinding in games, until they decide that they love to grind in games. Or at least, in certain games. Animal Crossing: New Horizons is one of the most successful games of the year, after only a few days of release, and it’s a game that focuses almost exclusively on grinding. […]

FundamentalVR Brings Its Surgical Training Platform Home On Quest

FundamentalVR, a professional surgical training platform, is finally bringing its expansive platform to the Oculus Quest for use at home. Traditionally, Fundamental’s platform pairs with haptic feedback hardware to deliver precise tutorials on surgical procedures. We’ve tried HapticVR, as it’s called, a few times and been amazed at just how realistic the experience feels when […]

The Ethics Of Time Travel In Animal Crossing

Like previous entries in the series, Animal Crossing: New Horizons locks all kinds of progress and events to the progression of real world time. Changing your Switch system clock is an incredibly easy way to circumvent this, but whether you SHOULD change it is a topic of much debate. Please enjoy the video above where […]

HTC Vive Cosmos Elite And External Tracker Review: Still Not Enough

Here’s what we think of the new-and-sort-of-improved HTC Vive Cosmos Elite and/or Cosmos External Tracking Faceplate. Last year HTC released yet another entry in its line of VR headsets named the HTC Vive Cosmos. Now, the company revamped it with a new model that includes an external tracking option and debuted an add-on to the […]

Modern Warfare 2’s "No Russian" Doesn’t Hold Up

Once upon a time, 2009’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 was considered one of the edgiest games of its time, but really only for one reason: the notorious “No Russian” mission. In the “No Russian” mission, you play as a double agent assigned with the task of acting as a terrorist as you walk […]

Every Mario Game Rumored To Be Getting Remastered In 2020

According to VGC and Eurogamer, Nintendo is celebrating Mario’s 35th birthday with tons of new games — and a bunch of old ones, too. That’s right, quite a few remasters seem to be a key part of the celebration. According to both sources, most of Mario’s back catalog of titles is going to be released on […]

The Complex Review: It’s Not Very Complex At All

Right from the opening credits, The Complex seemingly refuses to consider itself a game. It’s blatantly referred to as “A Film by Paul Raschid,” which makes sense as there’s little actual gameplay. This isn’t a surprise, as this is the latest title from Wales Interactive, the makers of The Bunker, Late Shift, and The Infectious […]

Resident Evil 3 Review Round-up

In just a few days, Capcom’s remake of Resident Evil 3 will be out in the wild and players will be able to experience this new take on a classic game. The embargo for reviews was lifted this morning and different outlets from across the internet have shared their opinions on the game. How does […]

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – How To Raise Town Rating

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, players are given plenty of control over the construction and growth of their island, including its infrastructure, foliage, and other elements. Yet, there are some components that are a bit less explained than others, which includes the game’s town rating system. One of the first things to accomplish in order to improve […]

Resident Evil 3 is the rare sequel that does less

Resident Evil 3 is haunted by the gargantuan expectations of quality established by its predecessor, the groundbreaking Resident Evil 2. That is as true for this year’s remake as it was for the original PlayStation game; Resident Evil 2 was one of 2019’s best games. In 1999, Capcom’s follow-up to Resident Evil 2 was both […]