Friday, 7 Aug 2020


New Warhammer 40K app removes the need for pricey books

Games Workshop recently introduced the 9th edition of the Warhammer 40,000 ruleset. On Friday, it modernized the venerable tabletop wargame even further by launching a subscription model and a smartphone app. Warhammer 40,000: The App is available now on Android devices, and will be coming soon to iOS. The new Warhammer app is free to […]

Ghost of Tsushima Adds New Difficulty And Text Options Today

Ghost of Tsushima gets patch 1.05 today, adding some serious new options for players to dive into. First, if you want harder difficulty, it’s coming in the form of a new difficulty option – Lethal. On lethal, enemies are deadlier, more aggressive, and spot you faster. In addition, the windows for dodging and parrying are […]

Ghost Of Tsushima Has A Perfect Platinum Trophy

Over the last few weeks, I have played a lot of Ghost of Tsushima. I wasn’t even writing our review; I just loved it and couldn’t stop playing. As I’ve talked about before, when a game gets me into that space, I’m always looking for another item to collect or quest to complete – any […]

Bloober Team Drops New Dual-Reality Trailer for The Medium

Bloober Team released a new trailer for The Medium, which highlights one of the horror game’s more interesting elements: Protagonist Marianne is gifted (or cursed) with the ability to tap into an alternate world. It’s undoubtedly a handy skill for investigating murders, but the trailer shows that it also probably leads to having a complete nightmare […]

Diplo Returns To The Fortnite Stage

Fortnite continues to give us a look at the future of integrated interactive entertainment as worlds collide inside the game, as it teases hot upcoming movies, plays full movies, and hosts celebrity and artist performances. Remember when Fortnite was just a game where you jumped in and battle royaled it out? I don’t either. Anyway, Diplo […]

Overwatch Summer Games 2020 release date news expected soon

The Overwatch Summer Games look set to kick off in the coming weeks and that means we could start finding out about the event very soon. With Blizzard working on a sequel to the popular team shooter, new content has been limited on PS4, Xbox One and PC. It’s unlikely that we will see a […]

Catch Fish With Friends In Real VR Fishing Update On Oculus Quest

You can go fishing with friends on Oculus Quest with the new “Together Edition” multiplayer update to Real VR Fishing. A beta test for multiplayer with up to four total players together is now live in the fishing game which originally launched last year with impressive water effects and stunning environments. The update is expected […]

Analogue Pocket release date news today? Retro gaming masters to deliver update

The Analogue Pocket release date could be revealed today, with Analogue about to make an announcement. At 8am pacific time, which is 11am eastern and 4pm BST, Analogue will share some news via their official Twitter account. So far all we know is the timings for the announcement, but an update on the Analogue Pocket […]