Sunday, 23 Feb 2020


Updated: Death Stranding Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

Death Stranding "Sam's Orders" Walkthrough Prologue: Porter Order Number 1 Episode 1: Bridget Order Number 2 Order Number 3 Episode 2: Amelie Order Number 4 Order Number 5 Order Number 6 Order Number 7 Order Number 8 Order Number 9 Order Number 10 Order Number 11 Order Number 12 Order Number 13 Order Number 14 […]

Skate 4 dreams are ruined as EA abandons Skate trademark

Anyone holding out for an announcement of Skate 4 had better prepare for some bad news, as EA effectively kill the entire franchise. Remember those remasters of ‘fan favourites’ that EA was promising to make? Well, they’re not going to include Skate or its sequels, as the publisher gives up ownership of the name. Although […]

Death Stranding PSA: Don’t Play Episode 2 For Too Long

There’s a lot going on during the first few hours of Death Stranding. Your first few missions out in the game’s post-apocalyptic world might seem bizarre, and the subsequent starting deliveries that throw you into the heart of BT territory might feel overwhelming. Because of the time you spend connecting the first few locations, you […]

Pokemon Sword And Shield’s Japanese Launch Event Is Cancelled

The Pokemon Company has cancelled the Japanese launch event for Pokemon Sword and Shield that was due to take place in Tokyo next week. Lead producer Junichi Masuda, and game director Shigeru Ohmori, were both scheduled to appear at the event. In an apologetic statement, the Pokemon Company cited “operational reasons” for the event’s cancellation. […]

Apex Legends update TODAY: PS4 and Xbox One patch notes news latest

We’re still waiting for the official Apex Legends update notes to be shared by the devs at Respawn. The good news is we can probably expect a list of patch notes to be shared for PS4 and Xbox One gamers in the coming hours. But for now, it’s hard to say what exactly has changed […]

How to pair your PS4 controller with your Apple devices

Here’s how to pair your PS4 controller with your Apple device, now that Apple TVs, iPhones, iPads, and Macs natively support PlayStation 4 DualShock 4 controllers. Make sure you’re running the latest operating system To use an PS4 controller, your Apple device needs to be running at least one of the operating systems released fall […]

Hungry Shark World – Review Of The New Game Version

There is has much of excitement of late in the gaming circles with the coming of the newer and the enhanced version of the Hungry Shark. The all-new Hungry Shark World is a far smarter in terms of graphics, gameplay and also the range of the excitement that it offers. There have been considerable upgrades […]


Make Your Team Best With Madden Mobile Hack Study: Players of the virtual world is trying hard to find out ways that will help them optimize the features. The introduction of madden mobile hack makes it easy. Players are serious about their gaming experience nowadays. They are continuously looking for ways to understand the game […]


Make The Best Trade With Animal Jam Codes If you are looking for a game that’s engaging and at the same time offers a lot of educational insight, get animal jam codes. The world of online gaming has kind of engulfed everyone especially the kids. They are constantly getting hold of your mobile phones or […]