Saturday, 25 Jun 2022


Voltron to support open source data analytics project Ibis

To further strengthen our commitment to providing industry-leading coverage of data technology, VentureBeat is excited to welcome Andrew Brust and Tony Baer as regular contributors. Watch for their articles in the Data Pipeline. Voltron Data, provider of enterprise support services for Apache Arrow, today announced that it is adding an enterprise support offering for Ibis, […]

Shadowrun: Who Are The Great Dragons?

Quick Links Dragons: The Basics The Awakening Great Dragons In The Sixth World Dragons are a classic of storytelling, and the Shadowrun setting tells stories filled with advanced technology and magic hand-in-hand. In a world like this, dragons seem to fit in perfectly. Instead of sitting on hoards of gold, they sit at the heads […]

Twitch’s New UI Lets Users Preview Stream Before Joining

Twitch is changing things up. The streaming giant is testing a new UI that will let users preview game streams before diving in, enhancing discoverability and giving users a better taste of what content creators are all about. On the current version of Twitch, clicking on the games directory brings up a list of recommended […]

Red Dead Redemption Might Be The Only Limited-Time PS3 Game On PS Plus Premium

PlayStation Plus recently launched its revamped services, including a selection of PS3 games that are available on the Premium tier. This selection includes Red Dead Redemption, a game that’s long been available on PS Now but has since been rolled into the new tier-based subscription service. The only weird thing is that Red Dead Redemption […]

Sega’s Hyenas Looks Like Another Tired Battle Royale Experiment

Sega recently unveiled Hyenas, an upcoming 15 player PvEvP FPS thought to be part of the ‘super game’ project that emerged a while ago. The general consensus around Hyenas is that it probably shouldn’t have bothered. Super game? This thing barely looks like a good game. It looks like it has been dreamed up in […]

10 Things We Wish We Knew Before Playing Powerwash Simulator

Stress is a naturally occurring part of the human experience, and the fine folks over at FuturLab (and publishers Square Enix) recognized that reality. That's why they made PowerWash Simulator, a meditative cleaning game where the Zen of your own headspace is the only score you’ll need to consider. Despite that, sometimes the hardest part […]

Sega Multiplayer Game Hyenas Revealed

Sega’s Creative Assembly is working on a brand-new game revealed today: Hyenas. The title is described as a multiplayer, multi-team heist experience set in space with a punky comic book aesthetic. What this means practically is players can jump into five teams of three to battle each other over a prize and “engage, evade, exploit, and steal their way […]

Shadowrun: Dragonfall – Best Glory Build

Quick Links Best Skills Glory's Personal Mission: Should You Get Hearthfire Or Upgraded Claws In a world filled with advanced technology and actual, factual magic, you'd be forgiven for thinking that slapping ultra-sharp razors onto your arms and using them to shred your foes wouldn't be all that effective. Well, Glory is here to prove […]

Fortnite is getting skateboards and a non-playable Luke Skywalker says leaker

Skateboards, roller blades, and a Luke Skywalker cameo are the latest major leaks for Fortnite. Have you ever felt like Fortnite isn’t extreme enough? As in the kind of 90s era extreme where they were too cool to spell it with the first ‘e’? You’ll be pleased to know that Epic Games is adding skateboards […]

Job hunting: Microsoft leads the way with pay transparency

Did you know that only around 12% of job postings advertised online in the U.S. include salary ranges? New laws look set to change that, which is positive for those making a career move: the lack of compensation transparency in negotiation can often make candidates feel like they’ve been low-balled at best, and duped at […]