Wednesday, 29 Nov 2023


The Mario And Sonic Rivalry | All Things Nintendo

This week on All Things Nintendo, Brian and Marcus dive into the history of Mario, Sonic, and the rivalry that emerged between the two franchises and their companies. After running down the history of the longstanding rivalry, Brian shares some stories of talking with Nintendo and Sega luminaries about the ’90s console wars and how the […]

Epic Games Confirms The Next Season Of Fortnite Brings Players Back To Chapter 1

After weeks of in-game teases and more, Epic Games has officially confirmed that the next season of Fortnite will bring players back to Chapter 1. With Fortnite loading screens hiding secret dates that point to Chapter 1: Season 5 and props from that season landing on this current season’s map, players have remain convinced that […]

The Characters To Remember Before Starting Alan Wake 2

The first Alan Wake game was released 13 years ago, in 2010. As is the case with any cult game, new fans have been discovering it in the years since, and a recent remaster means many more have likely played the game recently. For those who played it when it came out, however, jumping into […]

Nintendo Switch Online: Every NES, SNES, Game Boy, N64, Sega Genesis, And GBA Game

Nintendo has been slowly beefing up its library of games available to Nintendo Switch Online and Expansion Pack subscribers.  What began as a library of just 20 NES games has grown to include dozens more. Plus, Nintendo has since introduced SNES, Nintendo 64, Game Boy, and even Sega Genesis games, giving players a chance to […]

Star Wars: Dark Forces Remaster Gets February Release Date

In August, Night Dive Studios announced it was remastering the classic ‘90s first-person shooter Star Wars: Dark Forces. We now know that this modernization of one of the most beloved Star Wars games is coming on February 28.  Night Dive, a studio specializing in reviving classic games such as its remake of System Shock that launched in May, […]

How Insomniac Updated New York City In Spider-Man 2

Sony’s PlayStation’s Insmoniac’s Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is officially out, and apparently, it’s pretty good. Read our review if you want to know about all of that.   Notably, Spider-Man 2 takes place on the same open-world map as the first game and its quasi-sequel, Miles Morales. That being New York City. Similar to how Ryu Ga […]

Spider-Man 2 Is Missing This Major New York City Landmark

UPDATE 10/20/2023: The recently released Spider-Man 2 is also missing the Chrysler Building. In its place is the same building that replaced it in Spider-Man Miles Morales, though this time with a new coat of paint.  See below for comparison shots of the Chrysler Building in Spider-Man 1, captured on a base PlayStation 4, and […]

Motive Studio's Single-Player Iron Man Game Being Developed In Unreal Engine 5

In September of last year, Electronic Arts’ Motive Studio revealed it was working on a single-player Iron Man game as the first part of a new EA/Marvel collaboration. Motive general manager Patrick Klaus has shared new details about the game in a studio update released today, including that the Iron Man game is being developed […]