Tuesday, 29 Sep 2020


5 Most Important Factors for Success in E-commerce

The flourishing of the e-commerce niche is nothing new, since this type of business has been in the center of interest for years. What is new is that people are becoming massively aware of the general benefits, but also of the financial advantages it brings. Something that used to be just an improved form of […]

GTA Online Glitch Is Turning Hoverbikes Invisible

A GTA Online glitch can now turn the game’s MK II Oppressor hoverbikes invisible, making one of the best vehicles in the game even more formidable. Money will get you everywhere in GTA Online, and as is the case with real life, some people have more of it than others. Casual players who have been in […]

Halo 3 Anniversary Playlist Comes To Halo 5

Halo 3 recently celebrated its 13th anniversary (hey, that probably makes you feel old!), and to celebrate, Halo stewards 343 Industries have kicked off a celebration of sorts in Halo 5. The game is currently running a featured playlist called Halo 3 Classic Throwback. This playlist features recreations of Halo 3 maps made inside Halo […]

Get Two Months of Free Anime With Your Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Subscription

Xbox has been leaning heavily on its Game Pass concept, which sees hundreds of titles available for free every month as well as same-day-play on new releases. Today, it’s getting bigger by offering subscribers two free months of anime shows from Funimation, one of North America’s biggest English version distributors. It seems that, as far as […]

PSA: Crusader Kings 3 Players Need To Tone It Way Down (And Then Some)

Paradox’s Crusader Kings 3 is a grand strategy game with an emphasis on grand. It allows players to take control of a ruler of their choice and set out to conquer the world. Many will choose to lead their kingdom to glory and riches through a series of wisely considered decisions while others will make […]

Spelunky 2 Avoided PC Delay By Ditching Online Co-Op (For Now)

Spelunky 2 has already been released for PS4 with an incredibly positive reception, surprising few fans of the first game. The intense platforming dungeon crawler is coming to Steam on September 29th, but PC players will have to wait a bit longer for one of the game’s features: Co-Op play will not be available at […]

Tekken 7’s Next DLC Fighter Will Be Kunimitsu

During Bandai Namco’s Livestream for Tokyo Game Show 2020, the company announced that Tekken 7’s next DLC fighter will be none other than Kunimitsu. A swift, deadly lady ninja, Kunimitsu was last seen in the non-canon Tekken Tag Tournament 2. As for her story, the character has only been involved with the first two Tekken […]

Xbox Goes Moe With New Anime Girl Mascot

The Tokyo Game is one of the biggest conferences in gaming, and Xbox was there to kick it all off. Xbox decided that it wasn’t good enough to simply stick with its logo, so it decided to create a new anime girl mascot. Over 400 exhibitors attended the show, which is set to end today. […]