Friday, 20 May 2022


Batman: Everybody Lies is a big improvement on the Detective board game formula

I’ve barely scratched the surface of Batman: Everybody Lies, the latest in the Detective series from Portal Games, and this clever little board game already has me intrigued. Players never take on the role of the caped crusader himself, but the experience feels every bit like crawling inside the panels of your favorite comic book […]

Update: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt New-Gen Update Releasing Q4 2022

Update, 5/19/22:  The delayed new-gen update for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will be released in Q4 of 2022.  Back in April, CD Projekt Red announced that it had taken the development of a new-gen update for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt in-house and that as a result of this shift, the update had been essentially indefinitely […]

The Witcher 3 Next-Gen Upgrade Launching Q4 2022

The delayed Witcher 3 next-gen upgrade once again has a release window! It's been delayed for so long that we've stopped saying next-gen and switched to current-gen. The PS5 and Xbox Series editions of the game are now expected to launch sometime in Q4 2022. Originally slated for the first half of 2021, then late […]

Beat Saber Gets A New 3D Level Editor On PC

Beat Saber’s PC version now has a new 3D interface for level editing. Or it does in beta, at least. This new editor was built from the ground up for players that want to make their own tracks for Beat Games’ hit rhythm title. You can get a first look at the new interface in […]

Elden Ring: Yelough Anix Tunnel Dungeon Guide

Quick Links Yelough Anix Tunnel Overview Dungeon Walkthrough Astel, Stars Of Darkness Boss Fight Yelough Anix Tunnel is a dungeon in Elden Ring. It is located in the Consecrated Snowfields just south of Yelough Anix Ruins. As the tunnels in the game are faintly marked on the map, you should not have any problem finding […]

Meet the top product leaders across the globe

Presented by Amplitude The digital product world is crowded. People have a smorgasbord of product options to choose from, so customers are hard to gain and even harder to keep. That’s why organizations around the world are adopting a product-led approach. They know the only way they can win in today’s hyper-competitive environment is to […]

Sony Seems To Have Marketing Rights For Avatar: Frontiers Of Pandora

PlayStation seems to have the marketing rights for Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora. During a recent corporate strategy webcast, Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida talked about how much PlayStation values its relationships with other companies, referencing some of the marketing deals that it has. Yoshida didn't go further on the topic, but he did flash up on […]

Dino Crisis Video Shows Off What A Current-Gen Remake Could Look Like

Dino Crisis is a fabled title in the back catalogue of Capcom. It arrived on the PlayStation at its peak, being one of those later-stage games, like Driver and Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver, that helped to make Sony's first games console such a mainstream success. There were sequels, with Dino Crisis 2 arriving just […]

Mecha Cyberpunk Iron Guardian Made In Just 10 Days Released On

Most games take years to make, making developing them feel daunting. That's why time-limited game jams are so useful. They force people to get something out and practise their skills. Spelunky, Goat Simulator, and Super Hot all started off as game jam projects. Well, this mecha cyberpunk game, Iron Guardian, was made in just ten […]

FEELM Commits to Net-zero Carbon Emissions By 2050

  SHENZHEN, China–(BUSINESS WIRE)–May 19, 2022– FEELM, the flagship atomization tech brand belonging to SMOORE, today released its “Race to Zero” plan and roadmap to carbon neutrality. The plan brings forward FEELM’s ambitions to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 in its direct production activities and indirect purchased energy (scope 1&2). Meanwhile, FEELM makes a […]