Monday, 19 Apr 2021


DecaMove Launches Pre-Order Campaign For VR Hip Tracker

Back in October, we reported on the reveal of the DecaGear 1, a new SteamVR headset making some big promises. This week, creator Megadodo Simulation Games is launching pre-orders for another product, the DecaMove. The DecaMove is a small device users attach to their hip. Once synced up with a PC, the company says that […]

Arrow Creator Wanted Oliver Queen To Inspire Future Vigilantes, Including Batman

If you’re not already overwhelmed by the amount of Batman content on offer right now, then it may interest you to learn this little piece of trivia from the Arrowverse. Creator of Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow, Marc Guggenheim, recently revealed how Oliver Queen’s legacy was meant to inspire the Caped Crusader – at least in his […]

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade Soundtrack Now Available To Pre-Order

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade is coming to PlayStation in June, featuring a brand new episode starring Yuffie. To celebrate the latest iteration of the remake, Square Enix recently announced that the PS5-exclusive Intergrade’s soundtrack is dropping in June, with pre-orders now available for anyone interested.  The company took to Twitter to share the news […]

New PS5 Update Has Improved DualSense Rumble For Backwards Compatible Titles

The latest update for the PS5 is finally out, with one key function that has most players who formerly own PS4s pretty impressed. Reports have indicated that the PS5 has now added a rumble option into the PS5 DualSense controllers when playing on backwards compatible PS4 games. PS5 players are reporting that the DualSense’s vibration can […]

10 Best ADCs in Wild Rift (As Of Patch 2.2)

In both League of Legends and its mobile version, Wild Rift, the ADC is an important role in team compositions. When compared to other damage-oriented roles like Bruisers or Mages, the ADC focuses more on sustained DPS. This is typically physical DPS, but there are other characters who can fill the same role that provide […]

Outriders: Scorched Lands Expedition Guide

Scorched Lands is one of the best, arguably the best, Expedition to farm in Outriders. After the nerfs to Chem Plant and Boom Town’s Expedition Gold times, some builds struggle to achieve a Gold rating at higher Challenge Tiers. Not on this Expedition. Scorched Lands gives a whopping 23-minute window to receive a Gold rating, and […]

Outriders: Timeworn Spire Expedition Guide

Timeworn Spire is one of 14 unique Expeditions available in Outriders. Expeditions are short dungeons that are unique from the main campaign, throwing players against hundreds of enemies. Completing these missions is key to earning Outriders’ best items. This particular Expedition is in the middle of the road in terms of difficulty. A mix of […]

Nintendo Is Yet Again Suing Another Hacker – This Time It’s Gary Bowser

You read the title correctly. A company with Doug Bowser as the president of Nintendo of America is suing a Nintendo Switch hacker named Gary Bowser. We can’t make this stuff up. Gary Bowser is a leader of hack creators, Team Xecuter. According to Polygon, Bowser was already arrested back in 2020 and charged with […]

Cozy Grove: How To Get A Machete

Jeremy Gruffle has a new tool for you. Here’s how you can help him so he’ll get you a machete. In the world of Cozy Grove, there are several natural resources you can interact with and harvest. However, you are going to need adequate tools so you can harvest everything you can around you. The first […]

Outriders: Every Single Ability For The Devastator Class, Ranked

If you’ve always preferred playing as the tank in an online party, then the Devastator class should be your main in Outriders. The Devastator was built for close-range combat while being an absolute bullet sponge. As a Devastator, you should always be at the front lines to defend your allies. The abilities present in this […]