Sunday, 17 Nov 2019


GTA 6 coming in ‘Summer 2020’ in new tease by unusual, non-Rockstar Games source

In one of the weirdest twists in GTA 6 rumour history, we may have seen a leak from a hugely unexpected source. City Morgue, a music group consisting of Junius ‘ZillaKami’ Rogers, Vinicius ‘SosMula’ Sosa and producer Bouabdallah Sami ‘Thraxx’ Nehari, might have leaked a potential release date for the next GTA game from Rockstar. […]

Project xCloud game streaming coming to PC in 2020, adding DualShock 4 support

Microsoft’s game streaming platform, Project xCloud, is coming to Windows 10 PC in 2020, the company announced Thursday at X019 in London. The addition of a new platform is part of a major expansion for Project xCloud, which launched publicly in preview form — for Android devices only in the U.S., U.K., and Korea — […]

Xbox good news: xCloud could kill off Stadia before Google service even starts

Today, we saw Xbox make a massive announcement on the back of xCloud celebrating its one-month anniversary. The service, which is starting to roll out across the world, is designed basically as a complement to your console set-up, allowing you to stream Xbox One games to your mobile device when you're away from your living […]

Rare Works Its Whimsical Magic In The New World Of Everwild

During today’s X019 presentation, Executive Producer Louise O’Connor at Rare announced the studio is currently in production on its newest IP, titled Everwild. The game’s first trailer reveals the journey of three characters as they interact with a mythical world where strange beasts roam an unfamiliar place. In classic Rare fashion, the game was designed with […]

The SaGa Series Dares To Be Different, And That’s Why It’s Special

Square Enix’s SaGa series has always marched to the beat of its own drum. The developers aren’t afraid to take risks and be unconventional. With a reputation for non-linear gameplay, player choice, and freedom in exploration, SaGa was ahead of its time, but despite over ten entries and two decades of history, it never really […]

New Rainbow Six Siege Operators Revealed Shifting Tides Update

Ubisoft has confirmed the rumors that Year 4, Season 4 of Rainbow Six Siege will be titled Shifting Tides. Like previous seasons, Shifting Tides adds new Operators to the game, and they’ll be launching on the PC version’s test server on Monday, November 11. Shifting Tides will also bring a revamped map and other changes […]

Diablo 4 Is Planning On Featuring Cosmetic Microtransactions

Diablo IV was announced during BlizzCon 2019, and while it’s still a very long way from release we’ve already gotten quite a lot of information about it. In our hands-on time with the game, we found its shared world and dark vibes intriguing. Now, in the wake of BlizzCon, more information is coming out from […]