Wednesday, 15 Jul 2020


Paper Mario: The Origami King review – Nintendo's latest will crease you up

Nintendo’s two-dimensional role-playing series returns with some new ideas and one of the funniest scripts of the generation. One of the most important factors behind the Switch’s success is that the majority of its major releases have been acclaimed as the best entries in their respective franchises. The likes of Zelda, Animal Crossing, and Super […]

Sony Is Now Preparing 9-10 Million PS5 Consoles For Production, Report Says

A new report from the Nikkei Asian Review has some interesting details on the PlayStation 5. The site’s sources claim that Sony is significantly increasing its shipment projection for the next-generation console. This comes after a report from April said PS5’s launch supply could be lower than PS4, but now that apparently will not be […]

Hearthstone Battlegrounds update: Patch notes and Scholomance Academy news

A new Hero is coming to Hearthstone Battlegrounds this week, with plenty more content being planned for the game across all platforms. While a new patch is going live this week, fans also found out today about the next expansion coming to the game. The Scholomance Academy expansion is launching in early August and includes […]

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners Meatgrinder Gameplay Livestream

For today’s livestream we’re playing The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners, specifically the newly released Meatgrinder update that just dropped today which introduces a replayable Horde Mode! If you’re curious about how we livestream the way we do then look no further than this handy guide for general tips and this guide specific to our Oculus Quest setup. We’ll be […]

Free Games Available To Download Now (Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4, PC)

Many of us are stuck inside for the foreseeable future. To help people kill time, online storefronts and developers are giving away a bunch of free games right now across PS4, Xbox One, PC, and mobile. Because there are so many freebies floating around right now, we’ve rounded up all the games that are free […]

Firmament’s 2020 Launch ‘Wildly Optimistic’, now Expected in 2022

Last year Cyan Worlds – the studio behind Myst, Riven & Obduction – held a successful Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign for a new project called Firmament, raising over £1.3 million USD in the process. A launch was initially slated for this month, however, a recent campaign update has now pushed that window back massively. From its […]

Lego Nintendo NES set interview – beautifully retro and surprisingly interactive

GameCentral talks to the designer of the new Lego Nintendo set about the replica NES console and other future collaborations. Nintendo and Lego always seemed like a perfect match, as soon as they announced they were teaming up together. And the line of customisable Super Mario sets, that were their first announced project, is just […]

2 Best Ways to Convert Bitcoin to Cash

It is not a secret that investing and trading with cryptocurrencies is a very lucrative job. More and more people found it useful to invest in such a business. No person in the world has not heard of cryptocurrencies, and the number of those who have decided to try their luck in this business is […]

Halo 3 PC hands-on preview – believe in Master Chief

Another classic Halo game comes to PC, as The Master Chief Collection remasters the first entry to ever appear on the Xbox 360. The Halo franchise has been in a strange place over the last few years, despite its undoubted pedigree. Original creators Bungie moved onto the divisive Destiny franchise, while 343 Industries failed to […]

PS4's Big July Sale Discounts Some Of The System's Best Games

Following a busy period for Fourth of July deals, the PlayStation Store has kicked off a big July sale of its own. The July Savings event on the PlayStation Store discounts over 240 games, bundles, and add-ons for some of the best PS4 games, including Bloodborne, Monster Hunter World, and Nioh. The sale is live […]