Wednesday, 1 Dec 2021


More Steam Users Are Still Playing Farming Simulator 22 Over Battlefield 2142

Over the past couple of days, sites like Game Rant, which we first saw surface these stats, have been keeping an eye on how Steam users are spending their time by comparing two disparate but new titles from the month of November. One is a humble farming sim, while the other is a blockbuster multiplayer […]

Nier Automata: Game Dev Machine Quest Chain Walkthrough

Nier Automata has a limited number of quests that can be played in Route B while controlling the 9S character in the game. Some of the side quests, while playing with 9S, can be underwhelming. However, there are a few interesting and long ones that will demand you to follow up and go from one […]

How to use the right data for growth marketing in a privacy-centric world

Hear from CIOs, CTOs, and other C-level and senior execs on data and AI strategies at the Future of Work Summit this January 12, 2022. Learn more This article was contributed by Jonathan Martinez Data has always been a critical component of the craft of growth marketing. From being able to pinpoint the time of […]

Warframe: 10 Ways To Prepare For The New War Update

Warframe's The New War update is right around the corner. Scheduled to release on December 15th, now is the perfect time to prepare your Tenno for the upcoming cinematic quest and new content. And just like previous cinematic quests, there's quite a bit you'll need to do before you can start The New War. This […]

LinkedIn and Intel tech leaders on the state of AI

Hear from CIOs, CTOs, and other C-level and senior execs on data and AI strategies at the Future of Work Summit this January 12, 2022. Learn more Disclosure: The author is the managing director of Connected Data World. AI is on a roll. Adoption is increasing across the board, and organizations are already seeing tangible […]

Games Made More Fun By Cheating

Most gamers have at least tried out some kind of cheat in their favorite games. While cheat codes are a bit harder to come by nowadays than they were just a few short years ago, plenty of us rejoice when our latest purchase features a few fun cheats. As the medium of gaming changes, it […]

The Sims 4: Everything You Need To Know About Story Progression

Story progression is finally here! Although The Sims 4 has been around for several years, its developers are still constantly adding new updates so they can keep us all hooked. The game is now getting a major feature that players loved in The Sims 3 – story progression. Well, technically it's called Neighborhood Stories now […]

Cyberpunk 2077 Won’t Hit Game Pass Anytime Soon

Xbox Game Pass has a lot of games on it, especially since the Xbox 20th anniversary celebration, but it doesn’t have every game. One notable exception is CD Projekt's contentious open-world sci-fi game, Cyberpunk 2077. And it doesn’t look like that’s going to change anytime soon. During CD Projekt’s third-quarter presentation, president Adam Kiciński was […]

Magic The Gathering: What Is Constellation?

Though everything on Magic the Gathering's plane of Theros is dictated by the gods, they themselves rarely set foot on its ground. Instead, the gods live in Nyx, the night sky of Theros, and spread their influence through divine interventions, enchantments, and miracles. The stars and the sky are a key part of Theros' identity, […]