Tuesday, 29 Sep 2020


People Are Searching Pac-Man More Than Any Other Video Game Character

A new study has revealed that people are searching for Pac-Man more than any other video game character in 2020. The last half a century has blessed the world with countless video game characters. Some have hit the mark harder and faster than others and honestly, there is really no way of telling which ones […]

Demon's Souls PS5 Remake Preorder Details: Where To Buy, Price, And Release Date

In 2009, Demon’s Souls broke the mold for action-RPGs and began From Software journey with an incredible series of games. The game that started it all is getting a remake just in time for the launch of the PlayStation 5. Developer Bluepoint’s take on From Software’s PS3 classic is set to launch alongside the PS5 […]

Xbox Series X previews confirm loads times can be under a minute

Hands-on impressions of the Xbox Series X are confirming some major technical aspects, such as load times and performance. With the Xbox Series X due to launch in early November, numerous outlets have been able to try out the console for themselves, with embargoes lifting earlier today and detailing a number of the important technical […]

Watch Pokémon Sword & Shield DLC Stream Tomorrow

During a Nintendo Direct earlier this year, an expansion pass for Pokémon Sword and Shield was announced, revealing new environments to explore as well as a list of new pocket monsters to catch. The first DLC pack, Isle of Armor, was released over the summer. Now, Pokémon Sword and Shield fans are anticipating the Crown Tundra […]

Rumor: Titanfall 3 Is In Development At Respawn

According to a solid insider and Apex Legends content creator TheNeon_Beast, “Titanfall 3 is for real” TheNeon_Beast proved himself as a reliable Respawn insider after most of his leaks throughout Apex Legends season six came to fruition. He leaked the news on Twitter and followed up the initial leak with, “I’m pretty sure leakers can […]

Among Us: Best Imposter Strategies On Polus

No two rounds of InnerSloth’s Among Us are the same, and crewmate/imposter jobs can be made even more challenging depending on what map the group has chosen. But not to worry; we sympathize, and we’re here for you—the imposter, that is. Imposters who want to avoid taking a hot lava bath in Polus should take […]

Understanding the Purpose of a Franking Machine

A franking machine is a machine that was developed to print postage stamps directly onto envelopes without the need for an intermediary agent. Franking machines have reduced the number of staff mailrooms need to employ – thereby reducing costs for businesses who use them. The manpower required to hand stamp and write out addresses on […]