Friday, 30 Oct 2020


Intel debuts Pohoiki Springs, a powerful neuromorphic research system for AI workloads

This morning, Intel announced the general readiness of Pohoiki Springs, a powerful self-contained neuromorphic system that’s about the size of five standard servers. The company says the system will be available to members of the Intel Neuromorphic Research Community via the cloud using Intel’s Nx SDK and community-contributed software components, giving them a tool to […]

New iPad Pro Adds LiDAR And 'Instant' AR Placement

Apple unveiled a new line of iPad Pros which include a LiDAR scanner and “new depth frameworks” to combine depth information from all the device’s sensors and cameras “for a more detailed understanding of a scene.” The new iPads start at $800 and include the LiDAR scanner and two wide angle cameras, with the widest […]

LoL: Die Rückkehr der Spring Splits – League of Legends

Nachdem letzte Woche kurzfristig die Spring Splits der großen Ligen (LEC, LCS, LCK) ausgesetzt wurden, gibt es nun eine gute Nachricht für LoL-Fans. Die Spring Splits werden ab diesem Wochenende als Online-Format zurückkehren. Online-Formate gegen Corona Der Corona-bedingte Stillstand in der League of Legends-Welt wird demnächst beendet. Die großen Ligen werden nun als Online-Formate weitergeführt, […]

Major League Rugby: Virtual streaming schedule released

The Major League Rugby 2020: Virtual competition now has a full schedule, including a kick-off date and what charities will be supported by the channel’s streams.  Major League Rugby announced over the weekend it would be suspending all matches through the middle of April due to the coronavirus outbreak, but would be making up for […]

The Bright Future F1 Racing Has in Esports

After a successful event, Formula1 racing may have found its gaming success. The world may seem like it is about to end, but fear not. Wash your hands before you play. With this new reality of working from home and undeniably odd offbeat forms of social isolation, so many people are looking for distractions to […]

League of Legends’ OPL shifts rest of split to an online format

Similar to many other esports leagues right now, the League of Legends Oceanic Pro League (OPL) is moving its matches online. The OPL officially announced the news today on Twitter, stating that the rest of the split will take place online. The decision comes after the league opted to postpone matches meant to take place […]

Respawn announces that Evo Shields are remaining in Apex Legends

The System Override event in Apex Legends may be over, but that doesn’t mean its mechanics are gone for good. Earlier today, Respawn Entertainment revealed that one of the event’s introductions, Evo Shields, is staying put in Season 4. This doesn’t come as a huge shock, as the shields seemed to be ready for the […]

Hearthstone Battlegrounds patch 16.6 brings Flurgl, hero pool updates

Hearthstone announced its newest expansion, Ashes of Outland, today. Alongside the new expansion reveal, Hearthstone also announced changes to Hearthstone Battlegrounds that arrive today in the latest game update, patch 16.6. The game update includes the all-new hero Fungalmancer Flurgl. Besides this, there are changes to the strength of various heroes in Hearthstone Battlegrounds, and […]

The winning decks from Runeterra's Korea Invitational

Sebastian “Xixo” Bentert crushed the Korean competition in the recently concluded Legends of Runeterra Invitational to win the first major prize pool in Riot Games’ CCG. In the grand finals, Xixo met former SKT teammate Kim “Surrender” Jung-soo in what became one of the quickest series of the tournament. Xixo’s Spider Aggro and Lucian Elites […]