Thursday, 1 Oct 2020


Steam sets new records amid worldwide lockdown

With COVID-19 continuing to spread around the world, many countries and cities have encouraged everyone who can to practice social distancing. This means no large gatherings, no going out to eat, and a whole lot more staying inside. As one of the world’s foremost stay-inside activities video games are something more people are using. Steam, […]

Half-Life: Alyx Dev Is Hopeful That The Next Game Won't Take 13 Years

There’s a surreal element to the release of Half-Life: Alyx, as the long-dormant franchise had turned into a meme as the wait for a new game following Half-Life 2: Episode 2 stretched further and further. Now that the new game has finally released, one developer at Valve has spoken about the gap between releases, and […]

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Has A Companion App Service, And It's Live Now

Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ companion service, NookLink, has gone live for smartphone users. NookLink is accessible through the Nintendo Switch Online smartphone app, which you can download from Google Play or the App Store if you have a Nintendo Switch Online subscription. The service offers a handful of helpful features. Among other things, you can […]

ePlane taps AI to match aerospace sellers with buyers

Aircraft parts and repair marketplace ePlane today announced that it has raised $9 million, the bulk of which it expects to spend on international expansion. Assuming all goes well, ePlane will further develop its aerospace industry sourcing and business intelligence market, which matches the over 4,000 companies (including Bombardier, JetBlue, Air France, and Air Arabia) […]

Miso Robotics deploys AI screening devices to detect signs of fever at restaurants

Miso Robotics, a startup developing robots that can perform basic cooking tasks in commercial kitchens, today announced that it has deployed new tools to its platform in CaliBurger restaurants intended to improve safety and health standards. The hope is to minimize the threat of infection for patrons and delivery workers during the COVID-19 pandemic, which […]

Panda power: Chengdu Hunters team preview

After a harrowing start to the year, the Chengdu Hunters are finally ready to make their Overwatch League debut. Thanks to multiple cancellations of homestands and matches due to the coronavirus pandemic, Chengdu and the four other Asia-based Overwatch League teams have missed out on the start of the season. But now, the Hunters are […]

OWL friendly matches foreshadow the upcoming meta

On Sunday, several Overwatch League (OWL) teams played friendly games against one another. These games did not count towards their standings in the league, and they were also able to use Echo. As a result, these matches gave us an inside look at what the meta might look like once Echo arrives. ✖ To view […]

People are recreating scenes from The Lighthouse in Animal Crossing

The camera mode available on your NookPhone in Animal Crossing: New Horizons makes it easy to capture memories. Some — including, admittedly, myself — have used it, and Gulliver’s early arrival, as a way of paying homage to Robert Eggers’ black and white horror film The Lighthouse. The film, which focuses on two lighthouse keepers […]

Huge community donations take WeSave! Charity Play beyond two stretch goals

WeSave! Charity Play has been keeping us busy through the weekend with some epic Dota 2 action and still continues, with two of the first stretch goals now reached that will give us more action in the coming days. Starting with a $120,000 prize pool, WeSave! Charity Play added a few stretch goals into the […]