Monday, 6 Apr 2020


KONKA becomes official monitor partner of LetsPlay.Live

Chinese electronics manufacturer KONKA has become the official monitor supplier for Australasian esports tournament organiser LetsPlay.Live. The partnership comes as KONKA gaming monitors begin to hit the shelves in several retailers in New Zealand. RELATED: TCL Australia sponsors High School League The monitors will feature in an upcoming tour of the LPL studio later in 2020 while participants […]

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Boss Guide: How To Defeat Every Boss (So Far)

Final Fantasy VII Remake’s complex battle system leads to a variety of exciting encounters against Shinra’s military and wild Fiends–which are demanding on occasion. But the game’s biggest challenges are its lengthy, involved boss fights, which put your understanding of its battle mechanics to the test. If you’re not the most experienced at fast-paced real-time […]

Resident Evil 3 Remake Walkthrough Guide Hospital – Part 4

The fight to survive Raccoon City and the relentless Nemesis requires a lot of work–but our complete walkthrough for Resident Evil 3 Remake is here to help you keep from winding up a shambling corpse. Part 4 continues with Carlos and Jill heading to Spencer Memorial Hospital, and you’ll need to explore every inch of […]

Resident Evil 3 Remake Walkthrough Guide Sewers – Part 2

Our complete Resident Evil 3 Remake continues, taking you out of Downtown Raccoon City and into the sewers below. The Nemesis is on your tale, but we’ve marked every ammunition pickup, health item, weapon upgrade, and inventory expansion you can find to make the fight a little easier–as well as the collectibles you can snag […]

Resident Evil 3 Remake Walkthrough Guide Downtown Raccoon City – Part 1

Resident Evil 3 Remake returns you to Raccoon City at the start of the T-Virus outbreak that will eventually destroy it. Like Capcom’s reimagining of Resident Evil 2 before it, the game is full of secrets, collectibles, and wide-open areas that can be a bit confusing to navigate. There’s a ton of stuff to find […]

FaZe Clan announces FaZe Swagg as its newest member

On April 4, members of FaZe Clan made a big announcement welcoming their newest recruit, Kris “Swagg.” In addition, FaZe Clan celebrated its new member by broadcasting highlights from Swagg’s streams and YouTube videos. FaZe Swagg was once solo in creating content on his YouTube channel, but now he will be creating cool and helpful […]

Heroic bench Snappi & es3tag

After a turbulent couple of weeks for Heroic, it seems the drama saga is not over. Patrick “es3tag” Hansen and Marco “Snappi” Pfeiffer have been moved to the bench from the active lineup. “Heroic has during the last month experienced somewhat of a turmoil, but is finally back on track,” the official post from Heroic […]

How will other multiplayer titles try to compete with Valorant?

There’s no secret that Valorant is one of the most hyped-up multiplayer titles in recent memory. Drawing in millions of concurrent viewers during its gameplay launch, players from all over the world are interested in what Riot Games is developing. After all, the company is behind League of Legends, which has been on top of […]

Dignitas allow Huni to "explore other opportunities" ahead of LCS Summer Split

LCS franchise Dignitas might part ways with top laner Heo “Huni” Seung-hoon before the 2020 Summer Split. The org tweeted Saturday, that they’ve allowed Huni to “explore other opportunities”, which often indicates some sort of roster change. The tweet comes in stark contrast to the relationship Dignitas built with Huni during the 2019 off-season. As […]

Legends of Runeterra release date announced: April 30, on PC and mobile

Legends of Runeterra officially launches on April 30 on both PC and mobile, Riot Games confirmed Saturday. For its official first birthday, the CCG will arrive with plenty of new content, including a 120-card expansion and a new region. Legends of Runeterra: Expansion and new region Patch 1.0 for Legends of Runeterra will release two […]