Thursday, 2 Apr 2020


This Steam Game Is Like Netflix Party For Online Board Games With Friends

As the US and other countries mobilize to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, more and more people are finding themselves stuck at home these days, effectively ending normal social interactions with friends and loved ones unless they live with you. Because of this, online games and platforms like Netflix Party have become crucial links […]

Overwatch hero bans only target three heroes this week

It’s Thursday, which means we’re getting new hero bans in Overwatch. The hero bans this week are Mercy, Hanzo, and Wrecking Ball. This is the first week that has seen less than four hero bans. How these hero bans will impact Overwatch Every week, the different hero pools impact each game and player differently. This […]

Google’s AI accurately predicts physicians’ prescribing decisions 75% of the time

An AI system developed by researchers at Google and the University of California, San Francisco anticipates physician’s prescribing decisions 75% of the time, according to a paper published in the journal Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics. If someday applied to a health care system, it could identify prescriptions that look abnormal for patients and their situations, […]

The Last Of Us 2 Delayed Indefinitely

Sony has announced it is delaying the launch of The Last of Us 2 indefinitely, saying in a tweet that the global crisis caused by the coronavirus is “preventing us from providing the launch experience our players deserve.” Source: Read Full Article

Digital Creativity Labs develops real-time prediction model for esports

Researchers from Digital Creativity Labs at the University of York have announced the development of a landmark real-time prediction model for esports. In a release received exclusively by Esports Insider, the team revealed the research of a model which “can reasonably predict the outcome of Dota 2,” and which could potentially alter the future of the esports broadcasting experience. […]

Marty Strenczewilk Reflects on Splyce Founding and Acquisition, Next Steps

“I hadn’t breathed in six years.” On March 25, Marty Strenczewilk surprised esports fans when he announced his departure from OverActive Media (OAM). The decision started small, he tells The Esports Observer, as an “inkling in the back of his head.” “It wasn’t really an ‘ah-ha’ moment but I realized there were so many other […]

New Lawsuit Seeks To Halt Nintendo Switch Sales In The US Again

Gamevice, the company behind a variety of controller solutions for iPhones, iPads, and other mobile devices, is attempting to sue Nintendo over the Nintendo Switch for a second time. According to GoNintendo, Gamevice cites similarities between the Nintendo Switch and its own mobile controllers, many of which are also designed around the idea of split […]

IBM Uses World Community Grid to Benefit COVID-19 Research

With the World Community Grid, IBM is stepping up to help COVID-19 researchers. IBM is no stranger to using the power of the internet to benefit its research. IBM has had its own computing power crowdsourcing program – the World Community Grid – for a while now, but just recently has IBM turned this project […]

Sources: Activision Blizzard Esports in Talks for Overwatch League TV Deal

Activision Blizzard Esports has been in talks about getting Overwatch League back on linear TV, and the video game company has received fresh outreach from media networks amid the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) shutdown, sources say. The esports series has an exclusive digital streaming rights deal with YouTube worth $160M USD total over three years, but […]

Nevada Approves Betting on ESL Counter-Strike Leagues

The Nevada Gaming Control Board has approved wagering on two Counter-Strike: Global Offensive competitions: the current seasons of the professional level ESL Pro League, and the German regional ESL Meisterschaft.  The state approved three different wager types for both leagues: head-to-head, winner of each match, and overall season winner. Anything else will require separate application […]