Tuesday, 19 Jan 2021


Streit in Großbritannien – Epic Games verklagt Apple und Google

Der Konflikt um Fortnite geht weiter: Epic Games schlägt zurück und verklagt Apple und Google vor britischem Gericht. Im August 2020 begann der großte Streit der Tech-Giganten: Epic Games implementierte  ohne Genehmigung eine eigene Direktzahlungsmethode für Fortnite im App Store. Da diese Apples und Googles 30-Prozent-Anteil an den Käufen umging, verbannten beide Fortnite kurzerhand aus […]

Luminosity Gaming crowned Winter Champions for Valorant – Daily Esports

Luminosity Gaming has officially been crowned the champions of the Nerd Street Gamers: Winter Championship for Valorant. This event consisted of sixteen professional teams all competing for the $25,000 prize pool. Several big name teams such as Sentinels, Cloud9 Blue, and Envy all participated in the event with Sentinels making it to the finals. The […]

Wi-Fi Warrior Rank v6: #50-41 WWRv6 – Daily Esports

Daily Esports is proud to partner with the Wi-Fi Warrior Rank team once again to present the Wi-Fi Warrior Rank v6 (WWRv6)! The Wi-Fi Warrior Rank rates 50 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players based on their performances at online tournaments. Check out the Wi-Fi Warrior Rank Discord to find out more about Smash Ultimate‘s competitive […]

Two new Kaldheim spoilers encourage players to foretell EVERYTHING

The Kaldheim spoilers are almost complete, and it looks like Wizards of the Coast is saving some of the best for last. A new premier board wipe is headed to Magic: The Gathering, one that has a ton of versatility for players. Not only is a powerful new spell coming in Kaldheim, but a new […]

Fortnite leak suggests Lara Croft crossover may be coming soon

Season 5 of Epic Games’ Fortnite is all about the most dangerous bounty hunters and if leaks can be believed, Tomb Raider’s Lara Croft may be coming next. Agent Jonsey is pulling more and more bounty hunters to protect The Loop. Season 5 Chapter 2’s Zero Point story continues to develop as more iconic characters […]

LoL: LEC Renews Partnership With Kia For 2021

Long-time LEC supporters Kia are staying committed for 2021. Today, the LEC announced that Kia will maintain their partnership together for 2021. Kia has been one of the LEC’s key partners for the past three years and a notable part of the broadcast. They’ve sponsored many of the LEC’s fantastic sketches and bits, including the […]

CS:GO – Titelfavorit marschiert ins Finale – CS:GO

Im ersten Halbfinale der CS:GO-ESL-Meisterschaft trafen die Teams BIG und eSport Rhein Neckar aufeinander. Am 17.01.2021 traten das deutsche Top-Team BIG und eSport Rhein Neckar im Halbfinale der ESL Meisterschaft gegeneinander an. BIG gewinnt Vertigo Die erste Runde konnte der Titelfavorit BIG mit einem knappen 16:14 für sich entscheiden. Auf der zweiten Map Nuke hatten […]

BSJ, Monkeys and Jenkins rate all the Dota 2 Aghanim's Shards

Aghanim’s Shard is the latest concept on the minds of the Dota 2 community, with it being introduced with Dota 2 patch 7.28, which was released in December 2020. Considering every hero has received a Shard, there is always a debate of which heroes got the better end of the deal and which ones got […]

SFAT wins Smash Melee Singles at Rollback Rumble: NA West

Zachary “SFAT” Cordoni won Super Smash Bros. Melee Singles at Rollback Rumble: NA West on Jan. 15. It was the first revamped version of Brandon “HomeMadeWaffles” Collier’s Rona Rumble series. In addition, it was the first standalone Singles tournament hosted by HomeMadeWaffles since last June. SFAT advanced out of pools with little trouble, as expected. […]

Street Fighter League recap – Season 3 Week 12 – Daily Esports

This past Thursday was week 12 of Street Fighter League Season 3, and with only four more weeks to go until the playoffs, every match is more important than ever. This week placed Alpha 3’s Punk, Nephew, and CJ Truth against UYU’s Oil King, JB, and Kami. The second half of the night was NASR’s Samurai, Angry […]